I’ll save you the self-indulgent spiel about liking long walks on the beach and give you the SparkNotes. I did my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and recently completed a two-year Master’s in Japanese Studies & Language.


I started as a Junior Editor for an HR news site that had a humorous bent. The company shared office space with an advertising agency, and on occasion I would help them out on work that needed a comedic edge. One day, one of their copywriters left suddenly and I was asked to fill in while they searched for a replacement. A short stopgap became a six-month contract and I accidentally became a freelance copywriter.


Since then, I’ve done a hodge-podge of agency and contract work, primarily in the recruitment and medical fields, but I’ve covered all sorts – bid writing for multi-billion pound construction tenders, award ceremony scripts for famous comedians, product copy for lingerie retailers and more.


I cut what I believe is a useful middle ground —  I’ve done my share of social media, but I’m far from helpless when the job calls for more than 280 characters. I can write just as easily under the most stringent professional/brand guidelines as I can for more playful and creative ones.


I have a natural facility with language and can turn my hand at pretty much anything that needs words thrown at it (or, indeed, taken away.) If you actually want to know my hobbies and favourite cereal, hit up my Contact page.